Look Who's Moving To a New Home!

Look who's moving to a New Home is a beautiful, personalized keepsake book capturing the transition of moving to a new home. This keepsake album addresses a young school-age child's excitement, anticipation, anxiety and limited understanding of what it really means to relocate to a new neighborhood, school and home. The journal answers universal questions about saying goodbye to old friends, and preparing for the new, exciting and unfamiliar changes coming around the corner. This 24-page, 8" x 8" journal starts before the life-changing transition and continues right through the entire process. Your child is the star of the book. Every laminated page is a pocket containing an insert card complete with photo guidelines and instructions. Just grab your glue stick and go! The simple fill-in-the-blanks format allows you to customize the entire story with photos from your child's own experience. (ages 3-7)
Look Who's Moving To a New Home!
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